Foreclosure News

It seems, these days, that most good news in the real estate market comes with a little bad, particularly when it concerns foreclosure issues.

For instance, industry observers see indications that the foreclosure crisis is improving.  A recent report by Realtytrac stated that the number of foreclosure notices filed during the first quarter of 2011 fell 15 percent over the previous quarter and  27 percent compared with the same period of 2010. Nationwide, this amounted to 681,000 properties receiving a notice of default, a scheduled auction or a foreclosure sale during the first quarter of 2011, one for every 191 households.

During the same time period, 215,046 borrowers lost their homes, which is 17 percent lower than the same period last year, and the best it has been in three years

Despite the improving picture regarding foreclosure issues, sales of existing and new home homes remain low, and home prices are not improving yet, according to industry officials. Theoretically, the low home property values and interest rates make this a great time to buy homes.  

The so-called “robo-signing scandal” that involved banks automatically signing off on foreclosures without looking into them case by case, evidently affected the rate of foreclosure. Since that scandal broke last year, many banks have cut back on filing foreclosures while they correct their procedures.

The drop in foreclosures is widespread. RealtyTrac reported that filings dropped in each of the 20 hardest-hit metro areas. Year-over-year declines reached as high as 59 percent, in Cape Coral, Fla., for the quarter. Even in Las Vegas, the hardest hit city during the foreclosure crisis, filings fell 8 percent. But Las Vegas remains the highest ranked metro area in per-capita foreclosures. One of every 31 homes absorbed a filing during the first quarter of 2011, about six times the national norm.

Nevada, Arizona and California continued to rank as the top-three states in foreclosure rates. Florida, however, a consistent fourth, has improved to eighth place for the first quarter and ninth for March, and with any luck, and a few more sales, foreclosure issues will clear up across the country, and people will be more encouraged to buy and sell condos and other homes.


Condo Foreclosures

 While the latest reports state that condo foreclosures are up in the Chicago region, particularly in the suburbs, that doesn’t mean it is all bad news. If you’re in the market to buy a condo, for instance, now is the time to do it because prices have come down.

According to information compiled by the Woodstock Institute, condo foreclosure  filings within the city of Chicago rose 37.5 percent during the first half of 2010, but if suburban condo foreclosures included, particularly in hard-hit northwestern Cook County, regional condo foreclosures have swelled 53.8 percent compared with 2009's first half, the Woodstock Institute study found.

Although a plethora of foreclosed condos can be detrimental to the complex they are located in, they are usually not visible from the outside, so they don’t have the immediate effect on local property values. This makes them unlike foreclosed, and boarded-up single-family homes, which are very visible in many neighborhoods, and have a detrimental effect on surrounding property values.

Also, observers have noted that many of the condo properties going into foreclosure were bought by developers, rather than individual homeowners. Many developers bought four or more apartments ir condos, with the intention of converting them to condos, or just fixing them up and selling them . But then the housing bubble burst and they were unable to sell them for a price that give them a return on their investment.

In any case, the high number of condo foreclosures is bringing the average price of property down, so it is a good time to buy a condo. And don’t be afraid of buying a foreclosed condo either, they are often in very good shape, and many banks are willing to make deals and negotiate the price.

Many homeowners considering moving have put off selling condos until they see the real estate prices going up, and that is bound to happen sooner rather than later. But there are plenty who are selling, and it is wise to remember that while there are deals available, few people are willing to just "give away" their property for a rock-bottom price. So if you are in the market to buy, don’t wait too long, expecting the prices to keep decreasing down to nothing. If you like a particular property, whether it is a foreclosed condo or not, and the price is affordable, you may as well go ahead and buy it. Because it won’t be there forever, and the price could go up.


Condo Foreclosures

As the end to our current recession is nowhere in sight, foreclosures and unemployment have been increasing steadily every month. Our economy is in a very fragile state that has left many property owners looking for ways out of their loans and financial messes. The number of condo foreclosures has increased drastically over the past year with foreclosures that are even affecting the ritziest of neighborhoods. There are million dollar homes that have been foreclosed on, when the owner could not afford to make the mortgage payments and sell the home before it went onto foreclosure. It seems as if no one is immune to the housing crisis.

The silver lining to all of this is that there are a number of great opportunities to own property that are available right now. Condo foreclosures are providing a lot of people who once thought that they could never afford to own their own property the chance to purchase a condo for a very low price. Foreclosed properties sell well below market value making them a great opportunity for any first time buyer. Many of these condo foreclosures can be bought with a very small amount of money serving as the down payment.

Condo foreclosures are also a great opportunity for investors to take advantage of. If you can afford to buy condos that are available for prices that are well below their market value and hold on to them for a little while until the market improves you can earn a handsome profit. And if you happen to be handy in nature, you can significantly increase your profits by making some improvements and changes inside of the condo. By making some small cosmetic improvements you will see a significant return on your investment.

Although today’s economic outlook is bleak, there are a number opportunities that exist. If you can afford to, making the jump from renter to owner has never been easier or more affordable. A condo mortgage payment can cost you just about the same amount as monthly apartment rent. And if you are able to afford investment opportunities, there are thousands of real estate investment opportunities that are yours to be had. Foreclosed properties will provide you with the lowest prices that you will be able to find within a given area. As soon as the real estate market turns around, bargains such as these will be few and hard to come by.


Condo Foreclosures

Condo foreclosures are happening in record numbers throughout the entire United States.  It depends on the area of basically, once you are approx six months behind on your mortgage payment, the process for being foreclosed on begins.  Chicago foreclosed condos are up more than double from 2008 and things don’t look like they are getting any better.  If you’re in the middle of a foreclosure, the best thing to do is communicate with your bank.  The bank does not want to take the condo from you.  It’s actually the opposite.  They want to find a way for you to afford the condo. 

Condo foreclosures can actually be avoided with a communication with the bank.  The bank, as long as they see you are trying to some degree to make a payment, may elect to shelf the foreclosure proceeding so they can get you to eventually get back on your feet.  There are programs called “workout” that allow for a certain amount of time to work through your financial struggles.  There are banks that will also lower your interest rate to help the situation out as well.

If you’re on the buying side of condo foreclosures, it could be one of the best buying opportunities ever.  Condo foreclosures have reached an all-time high in Chicago, New York, Miami and Los Angeles and it doesn’t look like it’s is ending soon. If you are ready to do some investing of condos, now could be a tremendous time to jump into the condo foreclosure game.  It starts with choosing the right real estate company to represent you.  Most realtors get paid by the seller, or in the condo foreclosure game, mainly the baking institution.  So the cost for working with a realtor is basically zero.  Pick their brains for all the knowledge you can.  Remember, they’re in the foreclosure game everyday and see deals like no else.

Normally the bank will want to see that you can finance a condo before moving forward with showing you their inventory.  It’s smart to be prepared and do all the financing due diligence before entering the foreclosure arena.  Once you know that you can afford a condo, the next step is going through the mass amount of real estate foreclosure inventory.  There’s so much of it today that you may begin to feel overwhelmed how to sift through the good and the bad.  That is where the professional realtor will step in to help you.  Make sure that you take this important step. 

Chicago condo foreclosures, New York condos foreclosures, Los Angeles condo foreclosures and Miami condo foreclosures can all be an incredible buying opportunity right now.


Foreclosed Condos


Foreclosed condos seem to be the rage and for very good reason.  The opportunities to buy a Chicago condo, New York condo, Miami condo or Los Angeles condo have never been better than now.  The prices have dropped so dramatically that it almost feels as if someone is giving them away.  It’s absolutely crazy right now.

Foreclosed condos can be purchased many ways.  The best way is to go to a realtor that specializes in condos. A condo realtor will have several choices in many areas and price ranges.  The first thing you need to figure out is how to finance the condo.  Once you’ve figured out the amount down you can afford and have a good idea on how to finance the condo, the choices are overwhelming.  Foreclosed condos are usually auctioned off first and if they do not get sold on the first round, they go back to the bank that foreclosed on them.  Many realtors have access to the banks inventory of foreclosed condos allowing them to sell a portion of their condo inventory.

There are several companies in today’s market place that specialize in selling lists of foreclosed condos.  Be careful that you can get all the detailed information on the list or the list is really not worth it.  Many of these foreclosed lists are more teasers than anything else.  As recommended earlier, one of the best sources is going to a real estate firm that knows what they are doing when it comes to foreclosures.  There a re thousands of foreclosures in the last twelve months and many more coming.  The news is not getting better and the inventory is mounting.  We’re expecting to see double the amount of foreclosed condos in 2009 that we had in 2008.  And that number was doubled in 2008 from 2007. 

When will the volume of foreclosed condos end?  Only time will tell.  Until then it’s time to go on a shopping spree.  There are hundreds to choose from in just about any area of the country that you’re in.  Chicago condos, New York condos, LA condos or Miami condos, studio condos, penthouse condos or your simple two bedroom condo are all in the group.  The list is endless along with the price range.  If you have cash right now, you are king. 

Make sure to insure the condo once you buy.  The more investment condos you buy today, the richer you will be five years from now.  In twenty-five years of being in the real estate business, I’ve never seen a better time to buy.