Chicago Lofts for Sale

The idea of moving to an urban area and tapping into the excitement and cultural opportunities of a big city is taking hold for many Americans.  Chicago lofts for sale is exactly what many potential urban dwellers are looking for when searching for out of the ordinary city living.  Are you one of those people who like wide open floor plans in which there are no preset rooms or immovable walls?  Do you prefer floor to ceiling windows revealing a panoramic view where high ceilings, worn wooden floors exposed building elements such as, brick, beams, duct work are the norm?  Then loft living is what you are looking for!  A classic loft style condo is one large space with average living areas of 1000 to 2000 square feet with cavernous spaces beyond the reach of the average resident.  It is these aspects which lure many condo buyers to the city-life, industrial chic lifestyle. Most classic loft apartments or condos were converted from old manufacturing or warehouse buildings and more contractors are meeting this growing demand by creating these buildings from the ground up.  The new reproductions are referred to as “hybrids”.  Many loft apartments or condos come in different shapes and attributes, with or without fireplaces or other amenities.  Secured video entry, in house fitness centers, and pools are just a few of the luxury items which can come with your loft or condo.  Today urban dwellers are finding loft living offer the location and opportunities of city life with more space than the average condo.

Loft life offers many unique joys.

• Open Spaces – the primary benefit is large open spaces that allow you to live how you want, rather than having a defined permanent floor plan of walls, doorways and rooms.

• Define your areas – floor plans can be fluid and ever changing.  Temporary partitions, hanging curtains, or even changes in floor covering can define spaces.

• Eclectic style – loft living offers the opportunity for eclectic design and decorating.  The mixture of old and new in a loft such as, modern furniture sitting on old hardwood floors offers much of the appeal for many urban dwellers.

Chicago lofts for sale are located throughout the 77 communities of Chicago and now are branching out to many of the suburban areas.  Many are former commercial and industrial building that have been converted and now used for residential purposes. Loft living generally feature open living floor plans, high ceilings, expansive spaces, exposed ductwork, and a general tendency toward informal living.

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